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Top 5 Reasons Why Sex Is Important In Your Relationship


Recently I was searching through google looking for articles to read about and then I stumbled through an amazing read that I couldn’t resist sharing with my readers. Its clarifies top reasons why we all need sex in our various relationship, and it reads:

Every relationship needs to be fulfilling mentally, spiritually, and yes, sexually. Couples that believe sex is not important will find their relationships deteriorate, eventually ending completely. Sexual intimacy is a key part of all long-lasting relationships and marriages. Overall sex is the most liberating activity that partners can partake in as human beings.

Here are 5 reasons why sex is important in a relationship. Each is something that is a key for couples if they want their relationships to last the tests of time. See if you can relate to any or all of them, then think about why.

  • Connects You

Sexual activity is more than just physically fulfilling, it allows couples to engage each other intimately. While engaged in sex, all aspects of the individual are literally bare naked and vulnerable. People can share deeply during the process of intercourse, on all levels. Sex connects people in a way that no other activity does. If this is truly understood, sexual activity can help couples reach many levels of communication and learn to be closer in non-verbal ways together

  • Release Stress

No other form of exercises releases stress and physical tension like sex does. Sexual activity can work out all the muscles throughout the body. Sex is incredibly good for the cardiovascular system because it gets the blood pumping, the lungs breathing harder, and even elevates hormonal levels in both genders. Studies have shown that sex helps human beings in various ways via touching and creating physical intimacy. It can help overcome all types of psychological and physiological barriers that are caused by the daily stresses of life. It also releases endorphins in the brain, as sex stimulates the pleasure centers

  • Live Longer

Sex may be the key to physical immortality or at least longevity. It has been proven, that adult men and women, who engage in regular sexual activities live longer. They are more apt to be physically in shape, but also are less likely to have negative body image, succumb to depression or many other psychological hang ups. Sex builds up the immune system, by releasing endorphins, working out the heart, stimulating all of the cardiovascular systems, and because it makes you feel great. As couples get older, engaging in sexual intercourse is a fantastic way of keeping themselves active into their golden years.

  • Better Self Esteem

For obvious reasons, a healthy sex life promotes positive mental health. People who are sexually frustrated suffer from many more psychological problems than individuals that have a fulfilling sex life. Many people with low self-esteem, also have a sex life that is lacking or non-existent. Sexual dysfunctions in males are usually complicated by negative self-image, plus low self-esteem issues in their life. Sex won’t cure low self-esteem, but it definitely helps.

  • Keeps Things Hot

As time passes, many things become mundane in the average relationship. Sexual intercourse can remain a stimulating and adventurous way to keep things romantic. Although sex drive may diminish over the years, it does not mean that the sex can’t still be hot and fun. Married couples and long-term relationships allow partners to know each other better, so they should also know one another’ likes, dislikes, and bodies well. Trying new kinds of foreplay, dressing up, or changing environments are simple ways to keep things spicy in the bedroom. New sexual positions, masturbation, or using adult toys can heat things up too. No matter what, strive for variety and new ways to pleasure one another.

Sex will continue to be new and interesting if a couple continues to find ways of making it so.

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