March on Google cancelled over ‘alt-left terrorist threats’


A protest march scheduled this weekend over Google’s firing of an employee who criticized the company’s diversity policy has been cancelled over what organizers call “alt-left terrorist threats.”

“Despite our clear and straightforward statements denouncing bigotry and hatred, CNN and other mainstream media made malicious and false statements that our peaceful march was being organized by Nazi sympathizer,” organizers for the March on Google posted to their website Wednesday.

James Damore, a Google engineer since 2013, was fired earlier this month after he wrote an internal memo accusing the company of quashing conservative political opinions and claiming biological differences explain a lack of women in tech and leadership positions.

The group says it has received threats from “alt-left groups,” including one to drive an automobile into their demonstration.

Cities — including Mountain View, Calif.; New York City; Washington, D.C.; Austin, Texas; Boston; Atlanta; Los Angeles; Pittsburgh; and Seattle — had confirmed hosting anti-Google demonstrations, according to the group’s website.

They say credible threats have been reported to law enforcement and plan to hold the march in a few week’s time.

“We look forward to the day when the human right of peaceful free speech is once again able to be practiced in America,” the group added.


source: washington examiner