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José Mourinho dispels talk of Manchester United ‘dream team’


José Mourinho has denied Manchester United are now a “dream team” following Sunday’s 4-0 win over West Ham United at Old Trafford.

The victory was arguably the best display of the Portuguese’s 12-month tenure as a Romelu Lukaku double plus strikes from Anthony Martial and Paul Pogba made United the early Premier League leaders on goal difference.

Yet Mourinho said: “I’m too stable and too experienced to lose my discipline, to lose my stability and to think that a 4-0 result makes us the best team in the country, the favourites or the dream team. We’re not the favourites, we’re not the dream team, we’re just a team with more confidence than last season, with more time to work, more happiness and more relaxed. I’m calm. When I look to the last match I liked many, many things but the challenge is not to repeat the result because 4-0 in the Premier League is not easy but to repeat the same kind of performance.
Romelu Lukaku gives Manchester United dream start against West Ham
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“Good tactical discipline in the team, a really good clean sheet, good football, good dynamics in the attack. We try to score more goals and try to play well. I liked it a lot. I also like the three subs, who normally are disappointed people to be on the bench, but even for five minutes like Jesse [Lingard], 10 like Anthony [Martial] or 15 like [Marouane] Fellaini, they came and performed at the same level.

“And when I look to the stands at the players that I didn’t select I am happy. It is just the beginning. Last season from the first three matches we had nine points and finished sixth so I’m not going to lose stability after a good first day and will not let the players think differently to me.”

Mourinho stated he may not acquire the fourth new player he targeted at the start of the summer window and the 54-year-old supports the market closing for the Premier League early. Clubs are to vote next month on the deadline being brought forward for the 2018/19 season.


Mourinho said: “I had a meeting with a representative of the Premier League and gave my opinion but in the end the clubs are going to vote. Obviously the democratic way, the decision will be the decision that the majority of the clubs will support and vote. I will meet with Mr [Ed] Woodward [the United executive vice chairman] because I know that he will want to share my opinion so I think very soon we are going to have a decision.

“My opinion is we have to adapt to the situation, it doesn’t matter what. But as a football manager and not a market man – just a football man, just as somebody who wants to work with the team, work with the players – I would prefer the window to close as soon as possible.

“So everybody knows the players we have and the deals will be done earlier and nobody would be waiting for the last week and we wouldn’t have the situation of sometimes a player plays game No1 for a team and game No2 for another team.

“And the question marks somebody puts – if other leagues don’t close at the same time, are we in danger of losing players in the last couple of weeks? My question is how many clubs in the world are powerful enough to buy the best players in the Premier League and the answer, I think, is very obvious. So the risk is minimal and even those powerful clubs have to know if we can’t buy after, let’s say 14th or 15th of August more or less if we can’t buy players we’re not going to sell.

“So if they are interested in players from the Premier League they also have to do it before the limit. So again, I repeat, I’m not a market man but as a football manager I would like it to close before the first match.”

Regarding making a fourth signing to follow those of Lukaku, Victor Lindelof, and Nemanja Matic, the manager said: “I don’t think we are unless something happens to put us in the market again. I told Mr. Woodward my plans were four but I also told him to be cool, no pressure from me, do what you think is best for the club.

“We will be together again for another transfer window in January and next summer so no pressure from me at all. I’m happy with the squad we have. I’m ready to go without the fourth player. If we are out of the market, I’m fine, I’m ready.”
reference: guardian

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