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Former Barca Boss Luis Enrique Takes Sly Dig at PSG via Twitter as Neymar Saga Rumbles On


It’s the hottest transfer of all time – filled with twists, allegations of corruption, animosity and only until recently, covert Twitter savagery.

If Luis Enrique lost a lot of support over the last season from Barcelona fans, he definitely gained a lot of that back with his Tweet to Neymar. Posting a farewell message that read: “Great pleasure having trained you, continue spreading your love, joy and magic. I wish you success, bless you.” View image on Twitter Whilst there is nothing sly in the message, everyone was quick to notice that the picture Enrique chose to support the tweet is from the night Barcelona spectacularly dumped PSG out of the Champions League.

Neymar himself was the hero that night as he contributed to three very late goals that turned around a 5-1 aggregate score to 6-5. Barca fans were in great praise of Enrique for choosing this picture to go along with his Tweet. In a move that has witnessed a lot of bitterness between the two clubs, even as far as La Liga themselves getting involved to block the move – Enrique’s moment added some much needed humour to the affair.

La Liga appealed to UEFA to block the move, saying PSG’s means of raising the funds for this monstrous deal was not done through the correct avenues. This eventually led to Neymar himself reportedly paying his buy-out clause to help push the deal through. Enrique can proudly say he was able to manage the magical trio named ‘MSN’ as Barcelona won the treble in the 2014/15 season. He however lost a lot of support over last season as rivals Real Madrid dethroned Barca as La Liga champions and retained the Champions League. Enrique retained the Copa Del Rey last season but for Barca fans, that is the absolute bare minimum.

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